About Me

Hello! My name is Irene Honrade Mayor. I am currently a Graduate student at the Centre for Digital Media, Vancouver. In August 2019, I chose to leave Shareworks by Morgan Stanley and return back to school to further my horizons and pursue more innovative digital media opportunities. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science program with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Calgary. Through my past internship experiences and additional studies I have gained experience working with Data Visualization tools, AR technology, Gesture Interactions, multi-surface environments and industry clients. My interests lie with immersive and/or interactive technologies, animated digital media, engaging storytelling and sewing.

Skill sets

I am used to developing skills quickly and learning independently. I am familiar with the Agile software development work-flow. I strive to improve myself and produce meaningful contributions. I can work well in both team environments and solo.