Michael Hung


25 Sept 2017


CPSC 581

On this page, I present the design process and the end project of Space Launch Music Box: A single button input rythm game that would represent my assigned client, Michael Hung. The following will outline the information taken from interviews with the client, the preceding design process and the final result.

This project was created for CPSC 581: Human Computer Interaction II. It is a Windows Platform application with a mouse-click button input.

Single Project Git Repository Download Link + ReadMe

Description of the client

  • Enjoys playing the piano in casual settings
  • Enjoys assembling Gundam Model Kits and taking their time with it
  • Enjoys the designing, visual and interactive aspects of Computer Science
  • Enjoys travelling to moderately warm climates like Vancouver
  • Enjoys watching the complex and captivating stories from the Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise, especially the internal character conflicts

Brainstormed Ideas (Hover/Click on Each Image for Further Details)

The overlying theme that I was going for was to create something fun for my client so I went with as many imaginative ideas as I could.

Scan and Print in 3D

A 3D printer copy machine that would copy a part based on the scan.

3D copy machine

A Button to Infuse Duty

This was a uniform button that whenever it was pinned up it would sent feelings of pride and duty.The image displayed is that of an older sibling looking over the younger one. It was inspired by the fact that the client is the eldest sibling and by the call of duty from Gundam pilots.

Feel the pressure of responsibility

Crane Builder

This was an idea about a button that operated a crane, a huge real one or alternatively a digital one that would help my client build Gundams. This would highlight their creativity and enjoyment over designing.

One press crane builder

Bench Piano moved by the Body

What if a button required the whole body to move? This was an idea about a bench piano, in front of a scenic warm view.

Sit on a bench and hear the music play

Physical Eyedropper

What if there was machine that gave the exact shade of paint that you needed from just a simple scan? This is essentially the Photoshop eyedropper tool but physical.

Take samples in real-life

Lazersword Emulator

What if a button turned on a lazersword and that sword could scan/interact with things as it ran through them. This was abandoned because it's not a single button.

Single press sword activation

Lil' Robot

This idea was about a tiny model that whenever pressed would move the little central figure from place to place. Each visited spot would emit a warm feeling or a puff of air that resembled the smell of the atmosphere. The central figure would either be a plane with a person inside or a Gundam itself.

Single press moving model

Go go grab

This was the first of many ideas for coming up with a single press operated robot. This robot rolled around and had extendable arms to grab things. Based on 'Haro' from the Gundam franchise.

Single press robot

Scan, Compare and Buy

This was a essentially a scanner gun that could scan the barcodes of model kits and display a comparison various store prices on screen.

Price compare on the spot

Helmet Visualizer

This was a helmet that would read the brain to visualize whatever the user wanted to design. The button press would screen capture that design. I acknowledge that it hardly qualifies has a single-input system.

See your imagined design unfold in front of you

Refinements and Alternates

Among the above brainstormed ideas, I went down various paths of refinement. Giving my client the freedom of creativity was my primary objective.

The Explorer

Multiple screens. Teleporting button. Pick your adventure!

Chase the button to new locations!

Leapfrog button. Hopped as it was pressed.

Sneak up on button to round em' up.

Slingshot the gundam to various planets. Press multiple times to turn it. Hold down to launch it away.

Test implementation

This was derived from the earlier concept of a little plane model travelling from place to place. I explored various ways a button travel or make other things travel. I was very close to completely following through with this idea. In fact, the name 'Space Launch' was given to this project because of it.

The Eye Dropper

I could not get rid of the idea of the physical eyedropper. It was not feasible to make with my current skill set and the allotted time. However, I couldn't help but come up with fun variations.

The Robot

I was inspired by the enthusiasm my client gave to Gundams so I kept finding myself returning to various interactions that could be done with a robot.

The Music Box

Limited input means simplified or encoded data? Well, how about music? Programmable music boxes essentially use elongated versions of punch cards. This idea built upon the 3d printer concept. Print Gundams via musical input. After all, a single hole puncher is like a single button, right?

Instead of gundams, simplified shape robots. Using Unity physics, fight against randomly generated shape robot enemies.

Simplify, Simplify Simplify. Make it a pick and choose game. Select specific helpful parts to power up robot. Had multiple stages. Those stages have been cut

The Result


W.I.P Photos

W.I.P Video Clips

Holding Notes
Scale change and timing note length
Playback Record First Test
Rythm + Scale Animation

Final Product