Household with mismatched schedule


03 Dec 2017


CPSC 581

On this page, I present the design process and the end project of Threaded Welcome: A digital hygge themed cross-stitch welcome greeting frame. The following will outline the process and intended audience for this accessory.

This project was created for CPSC 581: Human Computer Interaction II. It is a PC and Android system of applications with kinect sensor interactions.

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How did you create an interactive system that reflected the aesthetics of 'hygge' that incorporated the Microsoft Kinect?

Hygge's manifesto as defined by The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, mentions presence (technology off), togetherness(building of relationships) and atmosphere(candlelight coziness) as all a part of hygge. These three elements are what I try to accomplish with this system. It adds a warm atmosphere back into cold technology with its steam and fuzz visuals. It encourages presence and togetherness by encouraging socialization as one enters the home.

Intended Client:

  • Fast-Moving mismatched schedules
  • Enjoys relaxingwhen they come home
  • Loves hearing nature
  • Loves the appearance and feel of cross-stitching

Brainstormed Ideas surround interactive systems of Hygge

Interactive Phone Cozy

Wrap up technology and interact with it in a tangible fuzzy manner

Bundle up your tech!

Hygge Bus Shelter

Inspired by a soda commercial strangers would interact in the bus shelter and produce more heat if working together

Take Shelter from the storm. Coorporate with a neighbour!

Tweet Tweet I'm here!

Based on danish wooden figures, a bird would be a stand-in physical presence for you and your loved ones while you skype. Based on danish wooden figures, a bird would be a stand-in physical presence for you and your loved ones while you skype.

Let your loved ones know you're home safe with a wooden bird

Freedom in a laminated floor!

Dance and bend fire inthe air. Let yourself free!

Just let yourself loose and dance your house into flames via skating on a laminated wooden floor!

Set that mess on fire!

Inspired by wastepaper basket ball that would nomrally occur in the office, let's try to add hygge to it

Gamify, with no competitiveness, to clean up a room.

Welcome Home Socks.

Welcome home and fell the fuzziness from your heart to the tips of your toes.

Communicate via socks to welcome you home!


I tried to bring out a creative hygge way to encourage socialization when someone comes home. Specifically I wanted a communicative system alongside an imprinting system. Presence without an actual physical person.

Everybody! Move your body!

These were semi-active ideas to incorporate the "Take care of yourself" part hygge with the home welcoming motivation.

Let's get physical!

These were ideas that would use physical interactions with objects

Criss Cross Ideas

These were ideas that had much more interesting kinect interactions like hygge gamification of cleaning a room up. Food Ideas. Passive Mood Sensors

In the end incorporating memory, the home and communication took the forefront.

The Result

Threaded Welcome: Bringing people together regardless of time.

The Sketch

W.I.P Photos/Sketches/Storyboards

Fog + Suggestions Start

Final Product