Middleman Airline Flight Booking Company

People Involved

Aaron Tong, Kevin Tran, Irene Mayor


12 Sep 2016


CPSC 471

On this page, I present the design process and implementation of Flight Bid: An airline flight booking website system. The following will outline the process, intended audience and the end result. Unfortunately, the trial for the hosting service used for this project has already expired.

The website connected with a Microsoft SQL database with PHP and JavaScript

Single Project Git Repository

What were the objectives for this project?

The primary goal of this project was to demonstrate the group's ability to work with SQL Database queries and generate well-organized database schemas. We were prompted to come up with a unique website concept that would require data with various levels of complexity stored within a database. We fabricated a middleman airline flight booking company to treat as a client and hone the requirements of the website.

Intended Features of the System:

  • Allow Users to Signup and Login
  • Keep Track of User's Bids on Flights
  • Keep Track of Bids upon each Flight
  • Search for flights across the North American continent

Data generation

Since our group lacked resources to get real data, we populated the database with mock data. I was in charge of data generation. I acquired basic flight template information. I accumulated all major airports and major cities into excel sheets and used that to implement a simple console application to produce the needed data.

Database Schema SQL Schema

The Result

Final Prototype

We temporarily hosted the website on trial service so it is no longer online.

Database Schema
SQL Schema