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Irene Mayor


12 Sep 2017


CPSC 583

On this page, I present the design process and implementation of three different data visualizations with different complexity and interactions. They're all designed to work best on desktop computers. Datsets were obtained from public census data or academic research. Datasets will have marked credits if the exact source was previously given. Slight dataset modifications were performed for aggregation purposes.

These data visualizations were created for CPSC 583: Introduction to Data Visualization are D3 Website pages.

Video Overview of Visualizations

Behavior Visualization UK Food Visualization US Cereal Visualization Source Code ZIP

Design Process of Visualizations

For each visualization the assignment for a lot of alternative visualization sketches, as different from each other as possible. I came up with sketches with some questions about the data that I wanted to see the visualization highlight and answer.

How far can you go to unravel the status quo?
Situation and Behavior Data Appropriateness Visualization

Driving Questions:

  • Is behavior appropriateness affected by being outdoors?
  • What behavior levels of appropriateness sticks out the most in in each situation?
  • How do appropriateness levels compare acrosss situations?
  • Is there a way to incorporate the notion of 'behavior appropriateness' innately?

Brainstorm Design Sketches

Final Prototype

Final Product Behavior Visualization

Food Trend Pyramid Bubbles
Historical UK Food Purchase Trends Visualization

Driving Questions:

  • What food products are getting popular over time?
  • How does this data compare against the popularily recommended food pyramid?
  • What food category actually gets purchased the most?

Brainstorm Design Sketches

Final Prototype

final prototype UK Food Visualization

Cereal Brand vs. US Weight Levels
State Demographics and Cereal Brand Information Visualization

Driving Questions:

  • Do states with more of its population percentage as overwieght or obese favor sugary cereal?
  • Is there a way to balance state comparisons and cereal brand comparisons in a single connected visualization?

Design Sketches

Final Prototype

Final Prototype US Cereal Visualization